Pre-Diabetes & Type II Diabetics

 Diabetes & Pre-Diabetes Healed Naturally



5 Week Online Course

Healing Lifestyles for Type II Diabetics

Begins Tuesday, January 16th at 6:00 pm (MST)

In this 5 week online series, you will be guided through healthful and healing options to reduce and heal from the symptoms of Type II Diabetes. Creating a bio-individual plan revolved around cooking, eating out, work, social situations, holidays and cravings. You will learn how to control your blood sugar and kiss those diabetic side effects goodbye! This is not a diet – this is an ACTION PLAN
for Living and Thriving for the rest of your life!

  • Would you like to learn a results-driven program that has healed the symptoms of Type II Diabetes Naturally?

  • Do you want abundant energy to enjoy your life to its fullest?

  •  Would you love to have support on this journey and learn how you can help yourself and others overcome the limitations of Type II Diabetes?

  • Are you looking for a proven system to help you achieve your health goals?


5-Week Guide to Healing Lifestyles for Type II Diabetes

  • Week 1: The Journey – Understanding Diabetes, food and mood, cravings & add-in’s
  • Week 2: Blood Sugar Stability – Creating a win-win relationship with food
  • Week 3: Ingredients – Why they matter and what to look for
  • Week 4: Advanced Ingredients – Delicious foods for optimal health
  • Bonus: Virtual Grocery Store Tour
  • Bonus #2: The most supportive supplements for Diabetes
  • Week 5: Myth’s & Facts – Fat, Carbs & Sugar. You’ll be surprised at what you need to add-in for Blood-sugar stabilization
  • Bonus #3: Private 60 Minute Session – Creating a Bio-Individual plan for you



  • Five – 60-90-minute sessions (9+ hours of online course time – recorded and available for playback)

  • Healthful food presentations, samples, recipes, shopping guides and eating out resources

  • Customized program journal to keep you motivated and on tracks with your healing progress

  • 60-minute Private session with Nicole

  • Q & A: Three 1 hour LIVE calls to answer any of your program questions

  • Reference book with all of the tools you need to succeed.


  • Understand your sugar cravings and mood swings, learn how to release them for good!

  • Release the weight you want with no more dieting!

  • Learn how to use food as medicine, release fatigue and sluggishness!

  • Learn how to naturally live pain-free and inflammation free!

  • Discover how to stay healthy with your busy lifestyle!

  • Improve Energy, Memory, and Concentration, Naturally!

  • Become EMPOWERED to live the life you’ve always wanted!

  • Support, Support, Support! Encounter the support you desire and deserve in order to have the full life you crave!

  • And so much more!




Are you ready for a RESULTS

oriented Program that will make you




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then sign up today for Healing Lifestyles for Type II Diabetes and



Course Begins on Tuesday, January 16th at 6:00 pm (MST)

All group classes recorded and available for playback



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Testimonials from previous Diabetes courses

“Before I began this course, I had fibromyalgia, hypoglycemic issues & a pre-diabetic profile.

Throughout this course I learned how to:

  1. Control my pain more naturally through the use of foods.2) Eat better in general.
  2. Try new recipes.
  3. Try new spices to help with my issues.
  4. Improve my sleep.
  5. Improve my moods.
  6. Create new patterns for myself.

The course was a great source of information and support. Nicole is a wonderful,
encouraging teacher who challenges you to do your best and provides the support system
to change habits to feel better.  She also helps to put a “buddy” in place to continue
the work after the course ends.
Thanks Nicole for all you have taught me!
~ Stella, Albuquerque, New Mexico

“Participating in Nicole’s Healing Diabetes Naturally class was a
life-changing experience for me. It provided an opportunity to honestly examine how
I was sabotaging my health and then provided numerous ideas, tools, and strategies to
turn things around. And the class was just a beginning…revisiting the materials and
resources provided, will help me to incorporate healthy new actions into my life in the
future. Thank you, Nicole, for your nurturing guidance and for sharing your unending
and practical knowledge about this subject”.
~ Terry, Chico, California

“I have continued to keep processed sugar out of my diet including alcohol and my
weight has stabilized. The course has been so useful for me. My energy is higher
and my pain level when walking has greatly decreased. The core of the program is
something that I’ve newly included into my lifestyle. Thank you so much for offering
this course. It has really enriched my life and improved my physical and mental health
in the midst of a real health crisis. Thank you!”

~ Susan, New Mexico

“I now have an increased awareness of what healthy food choices are and the availability
of them in my area. I have a new friend from the class for sharing ideas and supporting
the positive changes we make along the way. One of the most important pieces I received
from the program is that each gradual step improves my overall health. The program provided
a lot of new information which was great.”

~ LH, Coordinator UNM, New Mexico

“Being a caretaker of someone with poor memory, what I learned from the program helped me
assist my client’s food plan and she has experience a clearer mind. Nicole was helpful
and answered my questions and concurs. I learned that it is just as important to incorporate
healthful foods and more importantly to identify and steer clear of harmful foods and products.”
~ MM, Caretaker, Santa Fe

“This program was life changing for me, I have lost 11 lbs and I’m not retaining water any
more. I have more energy and I’m not feeling sluggish anymore. I loved the samples and
the great things that gave me a sense of what it looked like to change the way I eat,
drink and form habits. Nicole introduced some mind blowing concept that I had never
heard of before. She was helpful and very knowledgeable. I didn’t just take her word
for what she was saying, but I read and studied the information for myself. I followed
up with a diabetes educator who applauded me for my efforts. Nicole was very professional
and the way she talked made me feel like I can do this. She answered my questions and gave
me tools for researching. My private sessions with Nicole was very rewarding and we made
great progress. I would highly recommend this program.”
~ Andrea Crawford, New Mexico

“The vast amount of information provided within the workbook and during the
sessions was phenomenal. There was so much valuable information and guidance
provided throughout the classes. In my experience, Nicole is very dedicated to
her students, ensuring that they get exactly what they need to ensure their success
in making healthy changes. I’ve experienced more energy, better focus and healthier
snack options since the program began. Some of the most beneficial parts of the program
for me was the information provided, the food/mood journal, the cookbook and snack lists
and Nicole’s support. For me, the recorded sessions were extremely helpful and appreciated
as I was quite busy and not able to attend the live sessions. I was able to go back at my
leisure and review the sessions and continue at my own pace. I highly recommend this program.
I believe this course is a life saver and provides all the tools you need to incorporate a
healthier lifestyle. Thank You Nicole for putting together an amazing course!”
~ Michelle Hale, UNM

Testimonials from the Introductory Workshop on 3/5/13

“This is a very informative class. I learned MORE than in my meeting with a diabetic educator!”

“More information than what I knew was available, it makes me feel like I can really do this and become healthier.”

“Good suggestions; creative thinking; lots of food choices.”

“I am fairly new to diabetes, so I gained a lot of great and functional information today.”

“I like planning our own meal plan and strategy.”

“I’m interested in a longer workshop.”

“I feel the information was presented in a professional and informative way which will be helpful.”

“It was a very good learning experience, a lot of information.”

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